[netsa-tools-discuss] Losing first flow after a template reset on UDP

Raistlin Majere raistmaj at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 09:57:28 EST 2016


I'm experiencing something pretty weird, as the protocol establishes, I
must refresh the template after a timeout under UDP.

Well I have a uniflow streamer, that means that for a lot of events I
produce two messages with the source / destination / octects etc "swapped",
from A-B and from B-A, this means that under the tcpdump, I should see the
two packages for some actions on the system. The problem comes after I call
the function fbSessionExportTemplate, I can see that I'm appending two
messages(I'm calling fBufAppend twice) but only one is delivered and
registered on the tcpdump.

Do I need to wait or call a function after exporting the template to avoid
the lost of that flow?

Kind regards,
Jose Palma.
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