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Hi Dino,

What hardware are you using with the PF_RING?

Have you looked at the stats output of the yafzcbalance tool?  (I’m not sure how the has is performing in your case to know why the one CPU is so loaded.)

Chris Inacio
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Date: February 22, 2017 at 6:24:25 PM
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we are testing a setup with ZC-Drivers and are interested in using yaf.
When I start yaf with pf_ring everything works fine and I have a quite
low cpu load (under 7%).

But using yafzcbalance and 4 yaf instances one CPU-core is 100% busy.
Is there something wrong in the start of yafzcbalance?
Shouldn't the yaf instances do the work and yafzcbalance should
distribute the flows to the yaf workers?

I start yafzcbalance with:
yafzcbalance --in
zc:enp1s0f0 at 0,zc:enp1s0f0 at 1,zc:enp1s0f0 at 2,zc:enp1s0f0 at 3 -c 100 -n 4 -d

and yaf with:
yaf -d --live zc --in 100:${i} --ipfix tcp --out localhost --ipfix-port
18000 --log /var/log/yaf/log/yaf-${i}.log --verbose --silk --pidfile

Also I realized that there is a difference in packets received and
packets forwarded by yafzcbalance and this gap is getting bigger over time.
Then I started 4 instances of yafzcbalance (one for each NIC-queue) with
one yaf instance each.
This seams to work and doesn't lose packets, but I have 4 completely
busy cpu-cores.

Best regards,

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